Figma: Options for importing translated content


In XTM Connect – Figma, there are three ways to import content that has already been translated in XTM Cloud:

  • Import jobs separately,

  • Import all jobs,

  • Periodically import jobs every “X” minutes.

These above options can be enabled in the user settings of the Figma administrator panel: Ways of import translated content.

Keep in mind that these options are not mutually exclusive. For instance, if you have selected both Import jobs separately and Periodically import jobs every “X” minutes, you still have the option to import the finished job manually if you do not want to wait until the next automatic import.


Import jobs separately

When individual XTM Cloud jobs finish, you can use this option to import them into the Translation queue section, in the XTM Connect – Figma plugin. To import a particular job, select the Import icon on the right-hand side of the job.

Import all jobs

Once several XTM Cloud jobs finish, you can reimport them all into the Translation queue section of the XTM Connect – Figma plugin. To do so, select the Import all button at the top of the panel.

Periodically import jobs every “X” minutes

If required, you can reimport all finished XTM Cloud jobs at a particular time interval (minutes). To set the interval, select the Periodically import jobs every “X” minutes CHECKBOX. Keep in mind that the automatic import back into XTM Connect - Figma will still work, even if you are not currently logged into it.