Akeneo: Continuous localization


When content that has already been sent off for translation in XTM Cloud is changed/updated in the Akeneo CMS, XTM Connect – Akeneo informs you, by default: it displays a red exclamation mark tooltip next to the relevant project, in the XTM Connect – Akeneo Translation queue tab screen. You are prompted to take one of three possible actions:

  • Ignore content updates.

  • Send as new projects.

  • Update existing projects.


Remember that the Ignore content updates option only works for the changes made to the specific content at a specific time. If any new changes are made in the future, the tooltip will be displayed again.

However, XTM Connect – Akeneo also offers automatic continuous localization so that content is always kept up to date without any manual input by Translation requesters in the Akeneo CMS. In a particular Akeneo profile, in the Akeneo Profiles section of the Akeneo administrator panel, there is a section called Continuous localisation.

How does it work?

This section contains two options:

  • Automatic continuous localisation: if you select this checkbox, XTM Connect – Akeneo checks for changes to product texts in the Akeneo CMS, that have already been sent off for translation in XTM Cloud. It does so automatically, and continuously updates detected changes in content. In other words, if the source text for a particular product changes in Akeneo, XTM Connect – Akeneo identifies those changes and automatically updates a source file in XTM Cloud (in the very same XTM project), at the time specified in the Automatic job's starting time field.


Automatic continuous localisation only takes into account the content that has already been sent off for translation in XTM Cloud. It does not work for new content, i.e. content created after automatic continuous localisation is configured.

  • Automatic job’s starting time: if you select this checkbox and then select the Clock icon here, a clock face is displayed. To specify the starting time at which XTM Connect – Akeneo takes all changed Akeneo product texts and updates them in XTM Cloud (resends them for translation), move the clock hand to the time you require. This enables you to set up continuous automatic updating of texts that are changed.