AEM: How to troubleshoot an internal server error issue during project creation from Sites


This article describes an error that might occur when an XTM Cloud translation project is created from the Sites section in the AEM CMS. The error message is Internal Server Error: failed with exception null.

This problem occurs because custom languages have been configured incorrectly.


To check whether custom languages are working properly, review the steps below:

  1. Add a custom language (called deu in our test scenario) on /apps/wcm/core/resources/languages.

  1. Copy the /apps/xtm/mappings/languageMapping under /apps/{YOUR_APPLICATION}/mappings/languageMappings node and add the language mapping for the AEM language to the XTM Cloud language (deu de_DE in our example).

  2. Reconfigure the XTM Cloud configuration in Adobe Experience Manager: select Tools → Cloud Services → Translation Cloud Services → conf → (select a configuration) → XTM Connector → (edit a configuration) → Advanced Language mapping path.

  1. Restart the following XTM bundles (in Adobe Experience Manager, select Tools → Operations → Web Console → OSGiBundles):

  • XTM Translation Connector – API (com.xtm.translation.connector.xtm-for-aem.api),

  • XTM Translation Connector – Core (com.xtm.translation.connector.xtm-for-aem.core),

  • XTM Translation Connector – REST – OpenAPI (

  1. Send the content to XTM Cloud for translation.

  2. Correct the mapping of the components in the translation rules so that your AEM system will know which properties should be fetched.


We recommend that you use ISO-compliant language codes to minimize custom language configuration effort.

  1. That is it! You should now be able to create an XTM Cloud translation project seamlessly from the Sites section in the AEM CMS.