Akeneo: What determines which languages are available during project submission?


When you run the XTM Connect – Akeneo plugin, to submit content for translation in XTM Cloud, you can adjust some configuration settings for your XTM Cloud project. You do so in the panel on the left-hand side. Apart from selecting an XTM customer or an XTM Template, you can also select a source and target language combination.

How does it work?

General rule

It is important to know that the source and target languages listed and available in these dropdowns do not depend on which languages have been selected in a specific XTM project template. The Akeneo CMS and XTM Cloud use the same language codes, and XTM Connect – Akeneo easily identifies appropriate language combinations. Therefore, XTM Connect – Akeneo will take all the languages that have been set up in Akeneo (Settings Locales).

Default source language

In the settings in a particular Akeneo profile, in the Akeneo Profiles section of the Akeneo administrator panel, there is the Default source language field, which is obligatory. In it, you select a source language that will be displayed by default in the Source language field, in the XTM Connect – Akeneo plugin.

XTM project template

An XTM project template that is selected in the XTM Template field in the XTM Connect – Akeneo plugin, plays an important role in which target languages are displayed by default, in the Target languages field.

Language mapping

The languages defined in Akeneo SHOULD BE mapped to the languages defined in XTM Cloud. This can be done in the Language mapping section in a particular Akeneo profile, in the Akeneo Profiles section of the Akeneo administrator panel. The Akeneo integration offers its own list of languages but the range of language variants to choose from is not so extensive there so you might need to configure a different, specific mapping. For instance, if you want to use the Akeneo English (USA) language variant as English (Romania) in XTM Cloud, you can do so.

If you select the Show only mapped languages checkbox in a profile, only mapped languages will be displayed for selection by Translation requesters who use this particular profile in XTM Connect – Akeneo. Then, even if other languages exist in Akeneo, they will not be displayed in XTM Connect – Akeneo, if they have not first been mapped in an XTM Connect – Akeneo Profile.