HubSpot: In-context preview


In the HubSpot CMS you can display an in-context preview of content items that can be sent for translation in XTM Cloud:

  • Landing pages.

  • Blog posts.

  • Forms.

  • Emails.

Thanks to XTM Visual mode, which is a standard integral part of the XTM Cloud application, your content items can also be localized in-context. To learn more about XTM Visual mode, read the following article: How to translate in XTM Visual Mode.

Preview in the XTM Connect – HubSpot plugin

Once you go to the Add content section of the XTM Connect – HubSpot plugin, you will notice the “eye” icon on the right-hand side of the panel. If it is active, you can preview a particular content item in that panel, just for your convenience. However, it is only available for landing pages and blog posts:

  1. Blog posts

  1. Emails

  1. Landing pages

  1. Forms

In-context preview in XTM Cloud

XTM Cloud offers an out-of-the-box feature (called XTM Visual mode) which provides a way for content sent from the HubSpot CMS to be translated in-context.

To use this feature, select the Open in Visual mode option when you open a translation file in XTM Cloud.

Alternatively, you can switch XTM Visual mode on or off when in XTM Workbench by selecting Visual modeEnable.

Once the feature is enabled, a Linguist is presented with the preview of the content item they are currently working on so that they can keep track of the changes they are making to this item visually.


XTM Visual mode will not work for content items which are Forms.