AEM: How to increase the API REST token refresh frequency


By default, a scheduled job refreshes the API REST token every day at 06:00 AM. Given the configuration of your XTM Cloud instance, this time interval might not be sufficient and a token expiration issue might occur.


There are two options solving this problem:

I. Changing the token refresh interval by adjusting the AEM OSGi configuration

  1. Go to Adobe Experience Manager → Tools → OperationsWeb Console.

  1. Using the CRTL + F key combination, search for XTM REST Token Refresh Scheduler.

  1. Change the CRON expression to the required value.

EXAMPLE: The value 0 0/5 * ? * * * will refresh the token every 5 minutes.

Refer to the following Cron expression generator if you need help with configuring a suitable and valid a cron expression.

II. Prolong the token life span by making a change in the XTM configuration

If you would like to use this method, a help from the XTM International Support team is necessary. Contact us by creating a suitable ticket and providing details of your request in it.