How to Determine the Origin of a Particular Translation Memory (TM) Match in a File


Sometimes, while performing translation on a particular file, you might come across an TM match that you did not expect to appear. This article explains how to find out the origin of a particular TM match in the file, in XTM Cloud.


In XTM Workbench, go to the Matches panel and click on the Metadata panel for a particular TM match. You will find three pieces of information with which you can to identify the TM match:

  • Project → Name of the project from which the TM match in question originates.

  • Database ID → Unique ID of the TM match.

  • File → Name of the source file from which the TM match originates.


Regardless of whether we apply this TM match to a target segment or insert new translation, these values will not change in the existing TM match after a new TM is created, even if the file name might be missing in the existing TM match’s metadata in XTM Workbench.

You can search for a TM match via its Database ID. To do so, select TMManage. You can then also easily find out which project the segment was originally created in.


Good to know!

To easily view all the relevant segments in which a particular word or phrase has occurred, you can do the following:

  1. Open the original project in XTM Workbench.

  2. Select FileFind and replaceOptions.

  3. Select the Include segments from all files option.

  4. Search for the word or phrase that you want to find. All TM segments that contain it will be displayed.