Drupal: Issue involving SOAP API not enabled on the Drupal instance upon setting up a provider


Since XTM Connect – Drupal utilizes SOAP API, this article provides a solution to the problem with provider connection due to SOAP API not being enabled.


When configuring provider settings for XTM Connect - Drupal, you might encounter the following message:

The related error message can also be found in the Status report section (Manage → Reports → Status report).

When no SOAP extension library is installed, an error message will usually be displayed in the Status report.

The solution to this problem is to install relevant missing packages on the back-end side of the server.

  • libxml2-dev;

  • docker-php-ext-install;

  • soap.

This should be done by your administrators. The most important package is soap. Once this has been completed, the provider connection should be well established.