Excel365: How to troubleshoot the issue that translated content is not imported back to Excel automatically


One of the problems that you might identify is that translations are not returning to the dedicated place in your Excel spreadsheet upon completion in XTM Cloud. You might still see a message like DO NOT EDIT! Waiting for translation from XTM. Date created: 2023-08-24 01:46 pm in target cells, even the jobs concerned have been finished in XTM Cloud (which should, by default, trigger automatic import of those jobs into Excel).

Before submitting an issue request to the XTM International Support team, there are a couple of troubleshooting measures that you can perform first, to try and resolved the problem.


  1. First of all, using the Retrieve translations option in the XTM Connect plugin, try importing translations back to Excel manually. It might sometimes happen that, due to, for example, connection issues, you need to import content manually. A single click on the said button returns a single translation job from XTM Cloud, meaning that if you happen to be waiting for a single file in 5 languages to come back, you will see only 1 of those languages populate. To retrieve everything, you need to click on the button 5 times.

  1. If this option does not resolve the problem, download and save the XTM Connect plugin logs, by clicking the Get logs button in the plugin itself. A JSON file containing the logs will be generated and downloaded to your computer. You do not necessarily have to look at these logs and analyze them: just keep the file safe until you need to send an issue request to XTM International Support.

  1. The next step is to perform basic web troubleshooting actions. These involve:

  1. If performing the actions above does not resolve the issue, go to your XTM Cloud instance (if you are able to) and check if an additional target file has been generated by the connector, next to the one generated by XTM Cloud when the job completed in XTM Cloud. If there is no connector-generated target file, remember to tell the XTM International Support team so when submitting an issue request.

Excel365 is the only SPREADSHEET connector that generates and downloads its own target files when the job is completed in XTM Cloud, along with the target files that are also generated by XTM Cloud. 

  1. As a last resort, try creating a new spreadsheet (or copying an existing one) and working on it. It is possible that the connector could not retrieve translations in the existing spreadsheet for various reasons and submitting the same content for translation again from a newly created sheet (or from a copy of the existing one) and finishing it in XTM Cloud might help straightaway.

  2. If this option does not resolve the problem, submit an issue request to XTM International Support. To do so, use the following form, in the XTM Customer Portal: Report an issue relating to XTM Connect – Excel. In it, fill out the fields accordingly and do not forget to attach the previously downloaded JSON file, containing the logs.


In some rare cases, if

  • you cannot see anything in the XTM Connect plugin,

  • there is prolonged display of a message that XTM Excel Connect is loading… or

  • there is any other unexpected error,

there might have been an outage affecting the overall connector. In such a case, submit an issue request to XTM International Support immediately!