Drupal: Creating multilingual projects in XTM Cloud


By default, XTM Connect – Drupal creates projects for a single language combination. If you send particular content to XTM Cloud, for translation into multiple target languages, that same content will be sent in the form of multiple projects, each one for a different target language.

Following standard project submission (selection of the Request translation button in the CHECKOUT section), you select content for translation in XTM Cloud and only have one target language to choose from at a time:

The same thing goes with sending content from the Cart tab screen. If you select multiple target languages, along with the rest of the project settings, you jump to the CHECKOUT section in which you send content for translation into individual target languages.

The solution is to make use of the Enable multilingual projects in XTM setting, described below.


To enable Translation requesters to create multilingual XTM Cloud projects, go to your provider’s settings (Manage → Translation → Providers → Edit) and select the Enable multilingual projects in XTM setting. Do not forget to save your changes.

The important thing to remember is that it is only possible to create an XTM project for multiple languages in the Cart tab screen (Manage → Translation → Cart).

  1. Select the content you want to translate and then select the Add to Cart button.

  1. Go to the Cart tab screen, select target languages and make the rest of the project settings.

  2. Select the Request multiple translations button.

Result: a multilingual project is created in XTM Cloud.


Selecting the Request multiple translations button is the only way to create a multilingual XTM Cloud project. This kind of project can only be created if the Enable multilingual projects in XTM option has been selected in the provider’s settings. Otherwise, if you select the Request multiple translations button, multiple projects will be created, each one for a different target language.