Excel365: What determines which languages are available during project submission?


When you run the XTM Connect – Excel365 plugin, to submit content for translation in XTM Cloud, you can make some configuration settings for your XTM Cloud project. One of them is selecting a source and target language combination. You do so in the Source and Target sections of the Column panel (and the Source language and Target language sections of the Spreadsheet panel), on the right-hand side of the XTM Connect plugin.

General rule concerning source and target language availability

It is important to know that the source and assigned target languages listed and available in these dropdowns do not depend on which languages have been selected in a specific XTM Cloud project template, but on which customized languages have been configured for a specific XTM customer! XTM Connect – Excel365 takes whatever language combinations have been configured for a particular customer, in XTM Cloud, and completely ignores languages selected in an XTM Cloud project template.

For example, if a selected customer has the following language combination:

  • Source: English (UK),

  • Target: Polish, German (Germany)

and a selected project template has:

  • Source: English (UK),

  • Target: Polish, French (France),

the only available languages in the XTM Connect – Excel365 plugin will be English (UK), as the source language, and Polish and German (Germany), as the target languages.


As far as creating projects via XTM Connect – Excel365 is concerned, the number of projects created via the Column panel differs from the number of projects created via the Spreadsheet panel, depending on how many language combinations are used within one submission.

  • If you send content via the Column panel, with:

    • one source language and multiple assigned target languages, only one project will be created in XTM Cloud.

    • multiple source languages (no matter how many assigned target languages you select), multiple projects will be created in XTM Cloud, one XTM project for each source language.

  • If you send content via the Spreadsheet panel, you can only select one source language for one submission. Nevertheless, if you select multiple assigned target languages within one submission, multiple projects will be created in XTM Cloud, one XTM project for each target language.

How to set up a customized language combination for an XTM Cloud customer

In XTM Cloud, go to Customers → Customer list → (select a customer) → Language combinations, and choose the last option:

  • Customised language combinations only.


XTM Connect – Excel365 will not work with the first two options: System default language combinations and System defaults with customised language combinations.

Next, create your language combinations. Select them from the Target languages dropdown. Only relevant target languages will be displayed for selection. They will vary according to which source language you select during project submission via the XTM Connect – Excel365 plugin.