Figma: How to enable the screenshot submission feature


In XTM Connect – Figma, images related to segments can be uploaded so that linguists can view them in XTM Workbench. XTM Connect – Figma will pack existing images in a ZIP file and send them to XTM Cloud along with the rest of the content. This option enables linguists to see the context for the source content.


Sending large files with screenshots to XTM Cloud might cause performance issues.

How to enable the feature

  1. In XTM Cloud, this functionality is called segment ID images. To enable it, segment ID generation rules need to be configured in the back-end side of your XTM Cloud instance. To arrange this, ask the XTM International Support team to set up the configuration for you. See a full description of this feature in this article: Segment ID images.

  2. Once the XTM International Support team has configured the functionality in the back-end, the functionality then needs to be enabled in the user settings, in the Figma administrator panel: select the Generate and upload screenshots from Figma checkbox.

  1. When you submit content for translation in XTM Cloud, via XTM Connect – Figma, the Generate and upload screenshot option is displayed in the Translation settings section. Ensure that you select it before sending content for translation.