Marketo: How to update translations after changing the content of the source asset


When an XTM Cloud translation job has finished, XTM Connect – Marketo automatically creates a separate translated version of the Marketo source asset and inserts the actual translation in it. (It adds a relevant target language code to the end of the asset name). But what if the source asset content is or needs to be changed while its translation into a particular target language is still pending on the XTM Cloud side?

A good benefit of XTM Content – Marketo is that it does not create yet another translated version of the source asset. Instead, it correctly detects and updates an existing version, if present, once a new XTM Cloud project with an updated source content has been created and its new translation has later been returned to Marketo.


To configure the updating of existing translations after the content of a source asset changes, proceed as follows:

  1. Let’s suppose that a translation for a certain Marketo source asset has already been sent off to XTM Cloud for translation into some target languages.

  1. The source asset content is updated in the standard process:

  1. The translation of the first source content version has to be completed in XTM Cloud and returned to Marketo:


You do not necessarily have to wait until the translation is returned to Marketo automatically. Once it is finished on the XTM Cloud side, you can also use the Force Download option.

At this point, translated versions of the original source content appear in Marketo.

  1. To enable you to create a new project with the updated source content, you must cancel the previous project first.

  1. Then, a new XTM Cloud project is created. Its updated source content is translated and returned to Marketo.

  2. When the job has finished in XTM Cloud, an existing translated version of the Marketo source asset, if present, is updated.