WordPress: What determines which language combinations are present in an XTM Cloud project?


When you use the XTM Connect – WordPress plugin to submit content for translation in XTM Cloud, you can adjust some basic configurations for your XTM Cloud project. Apart from selecting an XTM Cloud customer or an XTM Cloud project template, in the WPML Job List section, you can also select the source and target languages, directly in the CMS.

How does it work?

General rule

It is important to know that the source and target languages that are actually used in a particular project in XTM Cloud do not depend on which languages have been selected in a specific XTM project template, but whichever source and target languages have been selected in the WordPress CMS, during the content submission stage.

XTM Connect – WordPress takes whatever languages have been configured for a particular environment in the CMS and completely ignores the languages selected in an XTM Cloud project template.

For example, if a selected environment has the following languages:

  • English (United Kingdom), Polish and German (Germany),

and a selected project template has:

  • source: English (United States) and

  • target: Polish, Spanish (Spain),

the only languages available during the content submission process will be English (United Kingdom), Polish, and German (Germany). All of them can be selected either as source languages (provided that the content involved exists in a particular source language in the CMS) or target languages.

When it comes to the source language for an XTM Cloud project, you select it from the dropdown list of available languages, while submitting the content for translation in XTM Cloud. This language “selector” also determines which content to display. You can display content items in a specific language or in all languages.

As for target languages for an XTM project, these are selected at the very first stage of the content submission process, in the Select translation options section.

The list of source and target languages available for selection that you can see in the CMS is determined by the list of languages that are enabled for your WordPress environment, in WPML → LanguagesSite Languages.

Pre-processing language in an XTM Cloud project template

In XTM Cloud, it is possible to set up a so-called pre-processing language in a particular XTM Cloud project template. In XTM Cloud, the pre-processing language is a language into which the source text is first translated, from the source language. Then, this text is translated from the pre-processing language to the actual target language(s).

For example:

  • English (UK) → Source language;

  • German (Germany) → Pre-processing language;

  • Polish, Spanish (Spain) → Target languages.

If an XTM Cloud project template that was used in the WordPress CMS for content submission to XTM Cloud contains such a pre-processing language in its configuration, this pre-processing language will be used in an XTM Cloud project.

Language mapping in the CMS

In WordPress, once you specify which languages are available for your site, they also need to be mapped to their XTM Cloud counterparts, to enable them to be sent for translation. To do so, select XTM → XTM Settings → XTM WPML Connector SettingsLanguage mappings.


Note that, in WordPress, contrary to most integrations, you cannot create just any language mapping combinations. Languages that are available in the CMS must be mapped only to their language variant counterparts that are available on the XTM Cloud side.

For example, you cannot map WordPress English (en) to XTM German (Germany), but only to XTM English (UK), XTM English (USA), XTM English (Canada), etc.