Google Sheets: How to troubleshoot the issue that the XTM Connect panel never finishes loading


One of the problems that you might experience is that the XTM Connect panel never finishes loading: it “loads infinitely”. This issue might, for example, occur when the password for a particular user logged into XTM Connect – Google Sheets changes or when there is a more general problem with the XTM Cloud server.


To get past the infinitely loading screen, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right-click in the loading circle.

  2. Select Inspect.

  1. The DEV tool is displayed, with the following element highlighted:

  1. Look a few lines above: you should find the following element:

  1. Right-click it and select the Delete element option:

  1. The loading screen will disappear and you should be able to see the fields for your XTM Cloud user credentials.