AEM: Where are logs located and what information do they contain?


Since a great deal of logs are generated on the AEM side, if you contact the XTM International Support team for issue troubleshooting, you will most probably be asked to supply relevant logs from your AEM instance, in the form of a file, especially if the Support team does not have access to your server. This approach is usually used after they confirm that XTM Cloud logs look the way they expected or they need further information about some issue found in XTM Cloud logs.


Follow this step-by-step guide to getting logs and also try it on your own with your AEM instance.

  1. Go to Adobe Experience Manager → Tools → Operations → Web Console.

  1. Then open the Sling tab and select Log Support.

We are interested in the following two sections:

  1. This window shows what loggers are active and what they are actually monitoring.

  2. In this list of all available logs, you would be mostly interested in ERROR logs. The path for each type of log is also displayed:

  1. You can save the file as a text document. Right-click on the required filename (for example, [/logs/error.log]), save, and name it as required (make sure that you save it as a text document). Finally, send the file to the XTM International Support team.