How to configure and use smart filters


  1. As a user with the administrator/project manager role, go to the Projects Project list, and click Advanced search. Select the criteria to use with your smart filter and click Save as.

2024-05-07 08_58_45-Window.png
  1. A popup is displayed. Select the type of this filter. Then decide who should see it. Enter a name for the filter, choose the property to sort by, specify whether projects are to be listed in ascending or descending order and then click the Save button.

2024-05-07 09_02_43-Window.png
  1. Return to the Project list and select the newly created filter from the Filters dropdown menu.

  1. The active filter is displayed next to the Filters dropdown menu. Click X on the Filter name to clear the filters or select a different one from the dropdown menu to change the views.